Q - How do I purchase your product if I don't have a PayPal account?
A - You do not need a PayPal account to purchase, PayPal allows users to pay as a guest if
     they wish

Q - Do you make or do you have plans to make a case for Android or BlackBerry

A - At this time we are focusing on Apple products only. However we do plan on expanding
     our product line to possibly include other devises.

Q - I purchased a classic series case and would like to get a set of colored
     bumpers now. Do you sell the bumpers separately?

A - Yes you can order colored bumpers any time, simply contact us directly and let us know
     the color you like.

Q - I would like to order my iPad case with white bumpers instead of black, how do I
     do this.

A - We are working on adding this option directly to the shopping page. In the interim please
     send us a message with your order asking us to substitute white bumpers to your iPad
     case order.


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